X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men - Mute Man Logan Edition

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X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men - Mute Man Logan Edition
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Sending Aussie Logan down under!
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22 minutes
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16 minutes
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6 minutes
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I love Pryde of the X-Men, it's cheesy goodness, but there are some things about it that really make it feel very silly, the narration by Stan Lee tells us things that frankly we can easily gather from the story being allowed to breath on it's own, whilst Logan talking in a weird australian voice (no offense Hugh Jackman), made this pilot episode quite infamous. I thought to myself, "How much better would this ep be if such things were removed?" Here is my answer.
To provide a neat and tidy X-Men adventure unhindered by intrusive Stan Lee narration or the jarring sound of Wolverine speaking in an aussie accent
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There were some patchy areas to cover that I had to smooth over with audio transistions in order for everything to flow better, for example, the alarm going off in the danger room had to be inserted just after Nightcrawler tells Kitty he wanted to properly welcome her. I also thought Kitty being a clutz and scrambling Cerebro's defensive circuits was a bit too conveiniant. I grew up on some great Juggernaught stories, particulary the one where he battles Spider-Man and very little gets in his way, I wanted to convey Juggernaught being able to set himself a target goal and accomplish it.
Cuts and Additions:
-Title card and Stan Lee narration cut
-Magneto's liberation cut, episode now opens with Kitty arriving at the school
-Wolverine's "she's not joining the X-Men, she's just a KEED" line cut, as is Storm dumping a rain cloud on him
-Act II title card and Stan Lee's narration cut
-Xavier talking about Cerebro's defenses cut
-Kitty clumsily phasing through the circutry and scrambling the defenses cut. NOTHING CAN STOP THE JUGGERNAUGHT
-Stan Lee narration as the Blackbird speeds to the observatory cut, as is the Blackboard heading there, scene opens with Pyro talking about the scorpio comet
-Wolverine: "Wait 'till I get my claws on him, he'll be talking out the other side of his..." line cut
-Toad chasing after Lockjaw cut
-Act III title card and Stan Lee narration cut
-Kitty arguing with Wolverine cut
-Kitty being told to stay behind cut
-Wolverine: "are we gonna do it" cut
-The Brotherhood of Mutants scrambling to attack the X-Men cut
-Wolverine vs Toad trimmed slightly, Wolverine's "don't worry about us dingo" line cut
-"Who is going to stop us?" "Me, Juggernaught" exchange cut
-Wolverine: "She got lucky, that don't make her an X-Man...not yet" line cut
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X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men - Mute Man Logan Edition
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Ok first of all, this was all-around AWESOME.

The music, the animation, the look--all took me back to the Saturday morning X-men cartoons I used to watch as a kid. The lines here are ridiculously quotable, and I laughed out loud several times. This seems to be the "perfect" X men episode--with all the main characters introduced and a solid storyline. The running time was just right too- a nostalgic 15 min trip back to the 80's.

And I love it's called 'Mute man Logan', because he doesnt get one line in the whole episode haha. As a short, this was a blast. I highly recommend it as a fun and exciting way to revisit your childhood. Great work man! Keep em coming :)

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Owner's reply July 11, 2014

Thanks tons for your review mate. It's just a very simple trim at the end of the day, but even the simplest things can have so many complications to them. My favourite part was re-trimming the Toad/Logan encounter, very tricky bit that. Glad I could awaken nostalgic 80s memories

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