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I definitely prefer this version of "X-men days of future's past" over the original and rogue cut for many reasons. While I appreciate the rogue cut of expanding mystique's character to give a little more personality who I felt like was one of the weakest and very one-note character like Trask but it wasn't enough. The extended cut had more back-tracking and fan service but was slightly better than the original. But the Bobson cut perfectly balances the two movies and improves mystiques character the most by showing less of her thus making her mysterious and unpredictable which is true to her character but also focusing on her conflicted moral choice in her quest for revenge while being persuaded by her two biggest influences to make the right choice. The other good thing about the edit is that it made it lead up to the original first two x-men movies than leading up to "x-men: apocalypse" which didn't make any sense because there is no mention nor intention of mystique turning into stryker and rescuing wolverine in the 8th movie.
The minor complaints I have of the movies is there are a few scenes spoken in foreign languages especially the one with mystique in the hospital that I feel should need subtitles, a random audio voice of Trask mid-sentence while professor-x was reading minds in Washington D.C. but that could be forgiven, and Replacing the post-credit scenes with the mid-credit scene from the rogue cut as honestly I prefer this movie to be more of a standalone or a prequel to the original x-men movie than to the next follow-up(unless there is going to be a future fanedit of that movie).
Overall a highly recommended movie.

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