X-Men: Days of Future Past - A Dugnutt Cut

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A mild slash of sorts
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An edit of an almost perfect X-Men film that adds the best of the official Extended Edition to the Theatrical cut, while also trimming and cutting bits and pieces here and there. A few jokes, lines, Mystique moments, breaking of the time-travel rules and the ending have been cut and changed from the film as to better the overall story and narrative thrust.
I wanted to trim and shift a few things to make, in my eyes, the perfect cut of DOFP. There have always been things that bugged me, so now I get to go in and fix them up.
Other Sources:
- X-Men: Days of Future Past - Rogue Cut Blu-Ray - Both cuts included were used, as the theatrical was the base, with the best RC moments added in
- Official Trailer 2 - Prof X's unused line was taken from here and put back into the film
- MPC VFX Breakdown - An extended shot of a Sentinel opening its face was used to cover up a cut of Kitty's asshole line
Special Thanks:
Uncanny Antman for providing feedback on how to cut the Wolverine freakout in Paris
stferguson78 for watching an almost final version for errors
hbenthow and Masirimso17 for contributing in the thread as a little bit of inspiration
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
- replaced opening Marvel card with X-Men themed one from X3
- cut Kitty's "too late assholes" and used extended Sentinal shot from VFX reel to cover the cut
- added additional Prof. X line from Trailer 2 during the opening monalogue
- cut Colossus' unneeded and metallic delivery of "Mystique"
- regraded Vietnam sequence to reduce the yellow tint
- regraded Pentagon breakout to reduce the blue tint, now the cell and kitchen have more of a neutral white look
- cut Magneto/Quicksilver exchange "what?, Whip. Lash."
- cut Magneto/Quicksilver exchange in the elevator "what did you do dude?"
- cut Magneto's comment to Wolverine "imagine if they were made of metal"
- cut the entire scene of Mystique seducing and choking out the Vietnamese ambassador
- added "Paris" title card to a shot of the city, as it was cut from the above scene
- cut 70s Wolverine waking back up so it doesn't ruin the time travel logic that the film creates. He simply has a bit of PTSD when he sees Stryker
- cut the self-referential close up of Star Trek on Beast's TV
- cut "wow, all three channels"
- cut shot of Trask looking at the real Nixon as to also surprise us with Mystique
- regraded the new future sequence to be a little less yellow and golden
- cut Stryker revealed to be Mystique before the credits

Rogue Cut Content added to TC
- added brief shot of a tribute wall to slain mutants
- added Warpath lighting a candle for the slain mutants, showing the wall once more
- extended discussion about sending Wolverine back
- added small chat with Kitty/Iceman about handling the trip
- uncut scene of Wolverine vs mob goons
- added 2 moments of Prof X and Beast laughing at Wolverine due to his time travel explanation
- added Prof X refering to Wolverine as a "Tall, angry fellow with the contentious hair"
- fixed off-time music cue as Mystique (as Trask) leaves the mini-vault to talk to the secretary
- added 2 bits of Nixon profanity
- added Prof X threatening to hunt Mystique down
- added Magneto seeing the coin he put through Shaw's head in First Class
- added additional tracking shot as Magneto lifts the RFK Stadium
- added mid-credits scene with Trask

Time added - 2:54
Time cut - 4:34

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Consistent, seamless and perfect.
The ultimate cut of this movie.
It has in my opinion the best of both the theatrical cut and the Rogue cut of Days of Future Past.
This will be the version of this movie that I will use from now onward when I decide to watch chronologically the storyline of FOX's X-Men Cinematic Universe.
A great watch from begining to end.

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