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"I'm not as evolved as I thought I was"

With this line and the scene after, Charles Xavier completes what may just be the only other good scene of this movie besides the battle on the train. While Bobson didn't seem to have an issue with the movie, I'm afraid that means, for people that did, he didn't change all that much. Is there a good movie to be had here? We'll have to wait for other edits, but it is at least enhanced by the addition of deleted scenes and alternate endings, including the aforementioned one, which is nicely inserted to just before the theatrical ending. If only Bobson had the time/skills to fully render the shots of the mansion as Charles' car departs the grounds so as to have more of the alternate ending in there, and close it on a more sombre note rather than rely on the tired old chess game routine.

Dark Phoenix is a tough nut to crack, and hardly a pleasure even if enhanced, but if you got something out of it like Bobson did, there's just more here for you to experience and enjoy.
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