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(Updated: August 31, 2012)
February 20, 2009 @ 5:07 am

First off – I really liked this. It was a fun adventure collecting a few important stories throughout season 1. In all it felt SLIGHTLY connected, but it was pretty obvious when one story ended and a new one began. I’m not sure if this could be avoided, but as a “movie” this isn’t seamless and kinda breaks apart when under scrutiny (Like who are all of these other characters? They are never introduced). As a “tv mini-series” this works well, and how I chose to think about it while watching it. :)

I think it will be important to introduce characters in your next mythology episode.

Regarding technical quality, I did notice a few hard audio cuts and the picture quality was a bit lacking (probably from cropping) but not too distracting. There was an odd transition from M&S on the hill being chased by the helicopter and then …?

The pacing really gives this away as a TV show cut into a movie… very rollercoaster like. It didn’t BOTHER me, but just was very telling.

I think that several scenes could have done better with a different cropping selection (a lot of heads are chopped) and really nothing exciting is happening at the bottom of the screen except for a few text placements on occasion, but that is being picky.

What I DID like was really streamlining the stories. Cutting out a lot of unimportant characters helps this move along (like the kids at the airbase, etc.).

There is room for improvement technically, so i’m giving this a 4/5. I really look forward to more mythology xfiles edits in the future!
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