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Costner's WYATT EARP -- a movie I always want to love but mostly spend my time looking at my watch.

Dawnrazor cleanly cuts the most of the first hour of the movie and smartly starts the saga during the more engaging Dodge City years. From here the edit mostly follows the theatrical version with some trims. And for me, the edit retains many of the inherit pacing issues of the original, coupled by the episodic Costner-centric storytelling which prevents me from fully connecting with the supporting characters and their world.

The cuts that are made are seamless with excellent audio. Loved the dead wife flashback -- simple but powerful. But I thought having a Opening Voice Over paired with a differing Exposition Title Card was a bit conflicting. And as another reviewer pointed out, Kevin Costner's last name is misspelled twice.

Still, this a more watchable and enjoyable version than the original and worth checking out if you are an Epic Western fan.

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