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FanMix August 16, 2012 1459
October 26, 2010 @ 9:36 pm

This review is based on my opinions and my viewing experience. Nothing is meant as an attack. Warning! if you have not watched the edit, do not read this, it contains spoilers.

Wow!!! that’s one kicks ass edit, i give it a ten easily.
Where to begin… well the black and white is perfect and looks totally authentic, i know it’s easy to make color black & white, but to make it look good and authentic is when it can get tough, but you pulled it off.
The commercials were awesome, i never had one of them cool trike bike things or whatever they are sadly, ah well it probably wouldn’t have lasted more than a day anyways. That was hilarious when the doll’s like “i’m gonna take your soul” hahahaha, that had me howling!
The commentary was the icing on the cake, seriously do that again, I found it to be very entertaining, you got me laughing more than a few times.

All in all, a brilliantly put together edit, in a generous package filled with extras.

Side notes: I love it!!!
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