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Wow what can I say? As always I don't do the "techie" review I go for the entertainment element. Making bad movies less bad is the tag line. Wakeupkeo took on a big undertaking in this one. Let me say I have enjoyed all the other edits of his I have. But starting out with (for me) a terrible movie to try and help it be better? I will say this was tolerable for me. I am not bagging on anything that has to do with the editing. It's just a bad movie to begin with. I was waiting for Kristin wig to turn into the SNL character she does with the tiny hand. The soundtrack was/is great brings back loads of memories for me. This is the first of Keo's edits I didn't watch in one sitting. Maybe two or three. For me the best part of the movie is the Linda Carter reveal. BUT her face is digitally "fixed" (even at her age shes still hot) and her voice is messed with. Wish these studios would leave things alone. I think the reason I am not so thrilled with this is that I am biased towards the original released and how bad it is. But I will be awaiting whatever Keo's next edit is. On my popcorn scale I will give this a 2 out of 5. Again nothing against the edit but it's a crappy movie to start with. I applaud the effort and work

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