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One of the better entries of the recent spate of DC movies is made even stronger thanks to very judicious editing out of exposition and forced humour. The charm of the characters and setting are allowed to stand out even more and although WW will always be in the shadow of that other "superhero-in-a-World-War-starring-a-guy-named-Steve" movie, this cut makes the theme of "war as an eternal, unconquerable aspect of mankind" hit home in a way that gives the film real gravitas, and by the time it gets around to driving home that point, you haven't been checking your watch waiting for the whole thing to be over. My one criticism would be the decision to remove the explicit statement that Diana is the God-Killer weapon. Although I'm perfectly OK with the film retaining Diana's (proper, let's be honest) origin as a clay sculpture, some clarity-of-stakes in the midst of a climactic CGI slugfest is never a bad idea, to my mind. In all, though, a terrific edit that deserves to be your go-to version of the film for DCEU marathons.

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(Updated: October 06, 2021) October 06, 2021
Thanks for the review! Small note: I left in Sir Patrick's line "Only a God can kill another God" as a way to reveal to the audience that Diana is the God-Killer, in a much more subtle way than having Sir Patrick literally just tell her. So while I can understand it's easy to miss, and I won't hold it against you, but my intention was still to have Diana be an actual daughter of Zeus.
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