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(Updated: February 18, 2023)
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A fantastic edit all around. From a technical standpoint, there are no hiccups with the audio and visual edits, as they come together seamlessly. Even the original sequences added in, I had to check the cut list to make sure they were unique to the edit instead of being from the original, they were that good! The story has been heavily refined into what Manigold would have wanted, a neo noir, Japanese flavored adventure focusing on Wolverine, bringing out the best in this movie in the process. I don't even mind some complains others had about the edit: 1) I like that we don't actually know who poisoned Logan initially, in a film like this its nice that there's a mysterious element you'd have to think about after it ends, and there's room for interpretation. Based on the previous scenes, I assumed it was Shingen's doing. 2) The ending may be a bit abrupt, but it's well executed in its concept and I like the symbolism: Logan leaves behind his past to focus on the woman right in front of him, high up in the tower.

That being said, I feel Harada is the weakest link in the edit. His turn as the antagonist feels rather sudden, as unlike Shingen, we don't have any scenes with him to set up his eventual return. That's understandable, given the only scenes he has are shared with Viper, who has wisely been cut from the narrative, but it still leaves a jarring turn as he suddenly takes over. I feel even a few scenes earlier on with Harada that have been cut, like him helping Logan escape with Mariko, would help his character stand out better, but I'll admit that might not be an option. It still a worthwhile, gorgeous edit to watch.

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