Wolverine: Fully Unleashed, The

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Wolverine: Fully Unleashed, The
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Brief Synopsis:
The Wolverine - Fully Unleashed incorperates all of the unique and extended shots and footage from the Theatrical Cut of the film and reintegrates them back into the official Extended Cut along with the Alternate Ending included on the Blu-Ray for what is the most complete version of the film.
Originally I wanted to create a cut with just the alternate ending, but I found out that there is a few little snippets of footage unique to the theatrical cut so I added those bits and pieces back in for what is probably longest possible cut of the film.
Other Sources:
The Wolverine - Ultimate Unleashed Extended Edition Blu-Ray: This cut was used as the main source
The Wolverine - Standard Blu-Ray: The short theatrical shots from here and there were taken from this disc, as well as the new ending
Release Information
Cuts and Additions:
The reincorperated Theatrical Cut foorage is as follows

- A shot of Wolverine getting his claws out to kill the bear is slightly longer
- Wolverine goes towards the door after talking to Yashida, and Yukio follows him
- Mariko and her kidnappers are walking down the hall longer
- A close-up of Wolverine can be seen insignificantly longer as he is being beaten
- Wolverine looks down at the drain where his blood runs down with the rain
- Wolverine is standing at a door slightly longer after coming in from the rain
- Hranda pours the poison in a bucket, and dips his arrows in it
- Yukio arrives at the tower with her motorcycle. She gets off and stops in front of the fence.

As well as the alternate ending as seen on the standard Blu-Ray, as it has been added to the film

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