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Very interesting edit. I am a big fan of Dances With Wolves. I remember the first time i seen this movie was when i bought the VHS from McDonald's. Yep McDonald's was doing some kind of special and had like 3 movies they were selling for a limited time. Crazy. Now i own the 4 hour version.

I really like this edit. I can't say that it will be my go to version, but i like the alternate take. I do think the movie is improved by taking out the voice overs. And most of the scenes taken out don't hurt the movie too much. While i do like the odd suicide attempt and the mad major, neither are required and possibly out of place anyway. And i'm glad you cut Spivey.

I only have a few minor items to discuss.

1. At first i found it kind of odd that you don't know why the Sioux kids are doing the random drive by at the soldier fort. It almost seemed out of place without seeing the scene cut out explaining it. I guess it didn't need explaining. And i do agree that not seeing the Sioux camp for a while adds more mystery to it. So i'm up in air on that one. I like and hate it.

2. I kind of liked the flashback scene with the Pawnee. I do agree it's not necessary but i liked it. Cool either way.

3. I did notice something minor. I'll have to watch it again just to make 100% sure. But without the voice over it is not explained why he calls the wolf 2 socks in the scene where he yells at the wolf to go home. Unless i missed something he didn't refer to the wolf by name anytime before this. So your wondering why he named it 2 socks. But maybe once again it didn't need to be explained.

Even with those small gripes i can still see myself watching this version from time to time to watch an alternate take on this classic. Great job.

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