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February 13, 2010 @ 7:42 pm

I struggled as to how I wanted to word my comments of this FE. I have been a huge fan of the book since it’s original release (well before I knew there was going to be a movie). I guess it is also important to mention that I am half-Sioux (my mother’s side of the fmaily are almost all exclusively full Sioux). So needless to say, I have always had a soft spot for this movie (in the book, the Native Americans are Commanche, not Sioux).

For me, two apects I have always had problems with are these: 1) the over-the-top, stereo-typical, portrayal of the Army personnel. and 2) believe it or not, the portrayal of the Sioux. Very down-played version of what the true Sioux and Sioux life was actually like. Neither of these groups were remotely, accurately portrayed in the movie.

regardless, still like th emovie. I completely agree with Rock Savage’s “four points”. CBB addresses these with his usual expertise. As much as I fond the “Mad Major” out of place inthe original, I understand why he is needed, even in a small way, to remain – the line, “I want to see the frontier before it is gone” is of utmost importance to set the tone for the entire movie.

I always liked the “narration” from the original and was somewhat apprehensive of it being edited it out. Once I watched the movie without it, I can’t now believe I ever thought it was necessary. (think “Blade Runner” as a good reference).

I never liked the “Stands with a Fist” flashback; always fast-forwarded through; and am very glad it has been excised from the FE.

A sign of an effective FE (for me) is as I am watching it and I stop thinking of it as an edit, but as a original movie. I found myself watching this FE initially and trying to spot the edits etc, but as the movie progressed I found myself caught up in the movie.

The technical side: the redesigned audio is VERY well done! If there were any flaws in it, then I missed them entirely. the video quality is excellent. never knew how poor quality my standard DVD id compared to the BR version.

If you are apprehensive about DL’ing this FE because the original is soooo long, have no fear! This FE trims the original down to a watchable length!

Overall, a well paced, excellent FE. CBB never disappoints!
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