Wolf Creek '99: A Mister Cooper Fanfix

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This edit introduces the characters straight away and gets them on their road trip to Wolf Creek without the unneeded
party, buying junk cars, mailing postcards and morning after scenes.

This version has a new opening and ending and fixes a lot of the films pacing issues and includes an updated 90's soundtrack.
Fun Ozploitation flick that is not without it's flaws, the movie drags quite a bit and is padded out too much.
The aim of this edit was to tighten up the pacing and to give it a more 90's feel (it does take place in 1999), the original music (and lack there of)
was kind of generic, so I 've added some extra music or replaced songs (not score pieces). And I've also removed the true crime bits that make no sense because none of this actually happened.

The main producers of the film are True Crime Channel AU and I believe it was a producer mandate
to add in those bits, this is all speculative but seems likely. Or maybe this film started off as a re-enactment of similar serial killer Ivan Milat and
they changed their minds mid-production.
Because I removed the true crime prologue and epilogue the film now has a completely different ending.

Now people can enjoy Wolf Creek as the fast-paced tense gnarly 90's Oz slasher that was hiding in there.
Other Sources:
Wolf Creek (UK Bluray) Wolf Creek (Amazon Prime)
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Cuts and Additions:
Removals :
Buying the car
Mailing Letters
The Goodbye Party
After sex regrets
Waking up on the Beach
Going in the water nude
Talking about the weather
Trimmed down the car ride to the mines
Finding the Gun
Losing the Gun
Falling off the ladder in the mines
Watching other tourists videos on cameras found in a box
Prologue and Epilogue (based on a true story)
14 minutes cut

Additions and other info :
New Music by
Swervedriver - You Find it Everywhere
You Am I - Berlin Chair
Big Star - Kangaroo
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Fingertips

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