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With Henry Cavills recent departure, I thought I would look and see if anyone had made a fan edit that makes it closer to what the books present. Even though I haven't read them, its nice to watch a two and a half hour movie that focuses on Geralt instead of going all over the place in different timelines. Everything was mostly cut together seamlessly and the pacing felt right. I only notice two things and have a major gripe with the edit.

28:53 some weird color pallet change in the middle of the fight.

1:31:30 Cuts feel a bit jarring.

Then my major gripe with this edit is there is too much music. None of it bad but there needs to be some air for scenes to breathe. I constantly was annoyed that there was a music track in 95% of the scenes in the film. I remember two instances where there was no music and I felt I could breathe a bit. I love that the author is including music from the games as it fits well in this edit especially the fight scenes. But maybe remove tracks at certain points to help let the ambience carry the scene say during slower paced scenes of dialogue.

Examples 1:31:30 good music placement 2:02:26 Love how the music cuts off here though.

Overall though, definitely worth a watch even with the large amount of music present.

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(Updated: November 22, 2022) November 22, 2022
"Then my major gripe with this edit is there is too much music."

You may always choose the original audio ;)
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