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So I bought and watched the theatrical WTWA based on all the good feedback this edit was receiving. I watched it this past weekend. I thought it was decent. Although I did feel it was a little long (even though it was only in the 1 hour and 40 minute range).

Enter The Wild Rumpus Edition. I only watched the edit portion of the dvd, so when i go back and watch the special features I may have to edit this post. I just finished watching the edit, and this is one of the few times where I knew what to expect going into the edit. Usually I like to watch an edit without knowing the changes made, but I already knew before watching this that there was going to be knew music added, and that in this version Max would be making multiple “trips” to the place where the wild things are.

This “multiple trip” way of telling story worked great. I think this aspect of the edit (along with the reduced runtime) made it more enjoyable for me. As far as the new music that was added – rescoring and/or adding music is always a risk. Its hit or miss. It’s one of those things that IMO really has to “fit” in order to work. Well njvc definitely picked music that works. None of the extra music he chose to use felt odd or out of place, to me it all felt natural and fit the tone of the movie.

I enjoyed the new opening bit and I really liked the new ending!

As far as editing goes, technically it seemed fine. I noticed no problems with the audio or video.

I give this edit a 10/10 and I definitely find this version to be more enjoyable than the theatrical version (which is something I rarely say about a fanedit – there are fanedits that have been equal to the theatrical but rarely for me more enjoyable. This is one of those times though). I’m very stingey with my 10/10s (i think i’ve only rated 2 fanedits 10/10) but this is very deserving of the score. Great work!
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