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March 23, 2012 @ 6:50 am

The problem with screening a pre-release of a movie is that it is really hard to get motivated to re-watch and post an official review. In this case it was a pleasure.

As one who can be quite critical of audio, I am pleased to report that the audio with headphones sounds near perfect on this final release. The audio track is not in surround, but that is ok. It is so music heavy that the surround is not missed.

The story and emotional beats are perfect. The way in which the original has been psychologically abstracted and re-scored is brilliant. Now instead of watching Max from a distance, we are inside of Max’s head and right there with him every step of the way. Everything about Wild Rumpus Edition feels original and fresh. This is what fanediting is all about.

As a movie, this is the kind of movie I absolutely love where I can talk about it for hours with friends or loved ones after it is over. There is so much here to think about, interpret, and talk about!

I was joking with NJVC recently that maybe this will be the fanedit that bridges the gap with the female gender?? Show it to your female friends, girlfriends, wives, & daughters. Make some popcorn, pop this edit in, and settle in with loved ones for a beautiful night.

Fanedit rating of 10/10.
(Fanedit rating focuses on technical and creative criteria that pertain specifically to the scope and depth of changes made from the source material by the faneditor. In other words, I might hate the movie but still give a high fanedit rating if I really respect the re-editing work done to it.)

Movie rating of 10/10.
(Movie rating judges on traditional criteria of quality/enjoyment as if this were an original theatrical release being seen for the first time.)
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