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9.8 20 10
March 16, 2012 @ 3:36 pm

Just had to write a quick review of this edit. I liked the original film a lot but this edit takes it from 4/5 to flat-out 5/5 classic. Seriously, for anyone who even remotely enjoyed WTWTA, this is a gigantic treat. I guess it also helps that the music you chose is exactly the stuff I’m into (Wake Up in particular, my favourite Arcade Fire song, just kills in the way you used it).

I don’t usually write reviews… frankly because I’m lazy, but for anyone who hasn’t seen this yet you need to download it. You’ll love it. Guaranteed.

I’d definitely rank this alongside Adywan’s ANH and TMBTM’s War of the Stars as the best fanedits I’ve seen. Congratulations on creating such a great edit.
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