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9.6 20 10
March 16, 2012 @ 5:47 am

I had not seen the original when I decided to watch njvc’s take but that’s often how I choose to watch my fanedits. In this particular case I had an idea of what to expect; already being a fan of the director Spike Jonze, I knew that anybody who chose to fanedit one of his movies would have a deep connection to it and that he wouldn’t disappoint.

I was right; the entire movie transported me into another world, and was felt more like a song than a cinematic experience. The new music njvc chose fit perfectly the mood of each scene and felt as though it had been the original choices made by the director. I can’t comment on the cuts because everything felt so natural that I didn’t once feel like something was missing. In fact, everything felt perfectly in place.

The presentation probably helped; we are treated with beautiful menus and a nice set of extras, including one I particularly enjoyed: the “Storybook Edit”

All in all, a fantastic package. One of the best fanedits I’ve seen on this site.

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