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Special Projects November 21, 2020 5916
(Updated: October 13, 2021)
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This is hands down my favorite version of Blade Runner now. After having spent 14 years with ‘The Final Cut’ I had gotten desensitized to the myriad of scenes that were darkened or washed out with aggressive lighting schemes, usually teal or blue-ish. No longer do I have to suffer through that with this masterful version. I won’t say that the original ‘Final Cut’ doesn’t have its own merits, but I’m a purist and prefer the natural color palette of ‘The Director’s Cut’ & older versions of the film. Pairing the superior color grading of these older releases with the ‘Final cut’ has resulted in a much better film that shows more of the liveliness and character of this dystopian world ; the color differences will have to be seen to be believed. It’s night & day, similar to how the Star Wars original trilogy kept getting distorted color gradings each release (I recommend 4K77 - ANH and 4K83 - ROTJ by Team Negative 1 for original theatrical colors). I’m ecstatic to have the version of Blade Runner that I thought existed, but has been obscured by lower resolution offerings. Brilliant work, thank you so much for your time & effort! Bonus is all of the optional audio tracks, I’ll make use of the isolated score when I want to fall asleep to the movie.

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