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I had been following the progress of this edit for some time (although, admittedly, not as long as TM2YC had been working on it) and so to fully appreciate it, I decided to check out a few different versions commercially available first - the workprint, US theatrical and the Final Cut. Each have their pluses and minuses and none are completely satisfying to me for one reason or another.

Here's where TM2YC's version comes in. He modestly titles it the 'Penultimate' cut, but I'm certain that there will be many who feel that nothing needs to come after this. The amount of detail that has gone into this version is incredible. The film looks fantastic. The oppressive blue tint is gone and a more natural tone has been achieved. This is no mean feat, considering how so many scenes can switch from dark to blinding within a few frames. It truly looks like a new film, in the best way that phrase can be taken.

I admit I am someone who pays less attention to audio than most, but there's nothing to worry about soundwise here either. The whole endeavor has been treated with respect, care and a level of professionalism that many big studios seem to lack with their own releases sometimes. My only complaint - and nothing to do with the edit itself - is that I don't have the technology to watch the BD version on my projector & screen; I watched a 720 mpg4 version on my TV and was still blown away. I can only imagine how superior it would look otherwise.

Is it a cliche to state that this will be my go-to version now? So be it. It really is that good. Bravo.

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