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It's been a loooooong time since I've watched The West Wing. I went into this edit without reading the cutlist or the editor's intention. Ironically even the title of the edit didn't clue me in or jog my memory concerning the story arc.

Enter The 25th Amendment. In all honesty the first hour of the edit was a bit boring for me, however the opening minutes were excellent at drawing me in. But I understand that a lot needed to be set-up, characters introduced, plot elements set in motion. So the fact that I found the first hour of the edit a bit dry was no fault of RollWave, the source material lends itself to lots of dialogue and not much action (not that I was expecting an action movie!). Maybe my attention span is waning in my old age.

Now after the one hour mark, I was hooked. The storyline picked up and I was glued to the screen for the next hour and a half. So the set-up was necessary and worth the pay off.

Ok time for some of my obnoxious nitpicking. There was one scene that felt a little out of place and could have been cut out and that was when The President gives his wife a necklace. This is just my opinion and not a big deal.

Video and audio quality were good. The majority of the cuts were invisible. Nice DVD menus and credits.

This edit is highly recommended!

Nice job RollWave!

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