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Caveat - RollWave was kind enough to point me towards this fanedit when it became suddenly unavailable. RollWave personally contacted me after I expressed interest in viewing this edit.

I am a HUGE West Wing fan. My friends and I ran though the entire series on DVD, usually multiple episodes per night. This particular storyline is one of our favorites, and I was interested in seeing how RollWave slimmed it from 336 minutes to a svelte 144.

The answer is simple - Voodoo. RollWave practiced Voodoo. Because to be honest, and having JUST watched the series, we could not really tell where the edits were. And to us, that was amazing.

If you know West Wing, this is a treat. If you DON'T know West Wing, this is a really great stand-alone film, or an outstanding introduction to the series, or a way to convert a non-fan.

The visuals were flawless, even on a DVD-5. The audio editing, as previously mentioned, had a couple of minor transition issues, but I'm not sure how they could have been avoided, and if you weren't looking for them, you would not notice them (I shouldn't have read Neglify's review beforehand, LOL). The story itself was outstanding. One of our favorite storylines from the series, in an easy to digest morsel.

And "The Jackal" as the end credits was brilliant!

Run, do not walk, and watch this Fanedit.

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