Welcome to FanEdit.org 4.0


Welcome to the newly re-designed Fanedit.org! This year will mark the 10th anniversary of our website, and we felt that there was no better time than now to begin the next phase for this community.  The new design is optimized for the best experience across a variety of platforms, including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. We will still continue to offer the use of Tapatalk for our forum members, but now the forum is available in a fully-responsive design that can be accessed directly through your phone’s web browser. Our goal was that fans of the site should be able to seamlessly move between all of the branches of the Fanedit.org family. The Internet Fanedit Database (IFDb) is also redesigned to nest perfectly within our framework.

The news portion of Fanedit.org has not only been redesigned for ease of use across devices, but we will now offer more frequent articles covering a variety of topics not only specific to fanediting (new fanedits, detailed reviews, and tutorials), but also interesting fan-created projects, mash-ups, editing-related technology and the latest news from Hollywood, and how it might relate to future fanedit projects.

We hope you are enjoying the new site and will be patient with us as we work through the kinks that are inevitable with a complete website overhaul.

Click on each of the banners below to take a trip down memory lane with the previous versions of fanedit.org, then head on in to forum to discuss the new site.

August, 2006: V1 (html)


July, 2007: V2 (WordPress)


January, 2011: V3 (vBulletin)