Week of September 13th, 2020 – New Fanedits

Back in business and with 5 new edits:


Thor: Ragnarok – Sakaaran Edition by Bobson Dugnutt

The Sakaaran Edition aims to create the longest cut of Thor: Ragnarok using all of the legally available material with finished VFX. This cut reinserts the alternate Odin death scene, as originally shown to take place in New York rather than Norway as shown in many early trailers.


Spider-Man: The Unaired Pilot by Bobson Dugnutt

I wanted to take the opening act of the first Raimi Spidey film and present it as a standalone early 2000s TV Pilot that was never picked up. A few of the cheesier moments are gone, along with all of Norman Osborne and the Green Goblin, to keep the focus on a teenager and the changes his body goes through as the becomes the hero we all know and love.

Godzilla Vs The World by Malthus

The aim of this project was to give the viewer a single intense Godzilla experience by combining the best elements from Godzilla (2014) with a streamlined Godzilla (2019).


The Counselor: Special Edition by Wakeupkeo

A savvy criminal defense lawyer, known for doing the right thing for the wrong people, decides to use his connections for some quick cash. But the House always wins in the end.


Aquaman: Special Edition by Wakeupkeo

Arthur Curry, reluctant heir to the kingdom of Atlantis, is the last chance to prevent a war between the ocean and land.


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