Week of October 4th, 2020 – New Fanedits

Two new edits for you this week:


Star Trek – Mirror, Mirror: Extended Edition by The Warlord

Inspired by keithbk, this edit extends Classic Trek’s ‘Mirror, Mirror’. The ‘mirror’ universe Kirk is seen being thrown into the brig in ‘our’ universe, but what leads up to that moment?


Birds of Prey: The Chronological Edit by Wakeupkeo

Chronological cut, without the Ace Chemicals plotline. Harley, now more of a known entity, is discovering the protections afforded under Joker are slipping away. We meet Harley as a spoiled drunk, still milking the privileges of being Joker’s girlfriend, so her personal growth seems bigger… The rest of the major characters are introduced sooner, and Sionis’s displays of sadism ramps up more progressively until he dons the mask.


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