Week of November 7th, 2021 – New Fanedits

Five new edits this week:



The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Edits

 “I decided to make my own edit that combines all of the “best” elements of each of the other most popular edits, and add my own changes into the mix. Spence, Dustin Lee, L8wrtr, Adam Dens, and DonKamillo’s edits were the “Big Five” that I decided to incorporate into my own. Later, I decided to include some things from Wraith and M4’s edits as well. Without these Seven other editors and their magnificent work, my edit would not exist.”



The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Untold Finale Edition by Masirimso17

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2 rebalanced, with deleted scenes added, motivations strengthened, pacing & structure improved, and plotlines that distract from the main conflict removed.”



The Fall of the Pacific by Murikamir

“The Fall of the Pacific is a non-stop war film about the World War II Pacific Theatre from the Attack of Pearl Harbor to the Battle of Midway. Using scenes from the films Pearl Harbor, Midway and music from the Halo series soundtracks, The Fall of the Pacific is a pure war film, with all the cherry picked best military scenes from the two original movies, and an epic soundtrack to bridge them together.”



The Haunting: The Implicit Cut by The Scribbling Man

“The Haunting (1963), more or less as you remember it, but with all internal monologue removed. The opening and closing narration is retained. Also featured is an alternate audio option with the internal monologue significantly trimmed.”



True Romance: Quentin Tarantino Cut by Agent Sam Stanley

“As a big fan of the out of order structure of Tarantino’s scripts I always wanted to recreate his original vision of this film. But some deleted scenes play a big part in his version and they were only available in pretty low quality. The special edition Arrow released recently brought the scenes still in SD but upscaled to 1080p, so the blend with the official HD footage wouldn’t look too jarring. And of course, Tarantino’s original ending was reinstated, which I always preferred anyway.”


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