Week of November 1st, 2020 – New Fanedits

4 new edits this week:

That Thing You Do! (LP) by DigModiFicaTion

The story of 5 friends form Erie, PA who find themselves on a journey of wonder as they rise the charts doing that thing they do.

IT: The Bookish Edit by Q2

I really enjoyed both movies as well as the source material. Like many people, I did feel Chapter 2 got a little long. Now most people would cut footage to tighten it up, but I was more curious how the movie(s) would play out as a single long film edited closer to the book. This is the result.

Star Trek: The Mark of Gideon Re-Cut by The Warlord

We focus on Kirk’s storyline entirely until he finally meets Hodin and realises he is on a replica. Thus, we – the viewer – follow Kirk’s story, and don’t discover the truth until he does.

The Night of Samhain by Last Survivor

…the intention here is to fully embrace the cult storylines of both films to present one night of terror, when the events of HIII and H6 take place at the same time.


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