Week of March 6th, 2022 – New Fanedits

9 new edits this week:



Nuovo Cinema Paradiso: Best Guess Theatrical Cut by ParanoidAndroid

“A supposition of the version that bombed in 1988.”



The Matrix: Rebellion by Malthus

“This edit combines the two original Matrix sequels into a single cohesive film that serves as the epic conclusion to Neo’s arc.”



You Only Live Twice: The LS Cut by LastSurvivor

“There’s loads to enjoy in what was supposed to be Connery’s swan song as 007, but it’s also a film which has not aged particularly well, primarily because of the awkward plot line which sees Bond literally undergo a cosmetic procedure to look Japanese. It never really worked back in the 60’s, but now it just comes across as uncomfortable and insulting in some ways.”



John Dies at the End: The (slightly longer, not much better) Extended Edition by Jrzag42

“A simple extended edition re-inserting all of the deleted scenes featured on the Blu-Ray to the best of my ability.”



Star Beast: Alien Grindhoused by Gieferg

“Some movies are just perfection and can’t be improved. That’s one of them. But there’s always a way to provide some new interesting way to experience them and that was the goal here. Ridley Scott’s masterpiece has been converted to Grindhouse-like movie.”



Unbreakable Glass Split by Wraith

“The re-telling of the Eastrail 177 Trilogy in SPLIT UNBREAKABLE GLASS was the first part of an experiment to retool these movies with a new narrative structure to facilitate surprises, adjustments to reveals, new parallels, new opening and closings and much much more. One can be surprised again.”



Orphans of The Firestorm by Ninja-Trix

“This edit takes the already phenomenal film and puts the events in chronological order, thus making the ending more impactful, especially for people who haven’t yet seen the film.”



Avatar: The Final Cut by Ninja-Trix

“AVATAR: The Final Cut aims to put Avatar’s best foot forward by removing unnecessary narration and extending character development. The extended edition, while better than the theatrical by far, was lacking a 3D release. This edit not only fixes the main problem of the film, but also brings an all new 3D version of the extended experience.”



Halloween Kills: Recut by Ryantology

“This edit trims out a lot of the melodrama and gore and strengthens some of the character work which helps to strengthen the overall narrative making things seem a bit more natural and logical.”


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