Week of March 27th, 2022 – New Fanedits

6 new edits this week:



Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Almighty Edit by almightycutie

“I didn’t want to do anything too drastic, but instead create a very light edit to remove things that might take you out of the viewing experience.”



Alligator Elongator’d by MusicEd921

“Alligator Elongator’d takes all of the additional scenes exclusively featured in the TV cut of the film and seamlessly adds them back into the theatrical cut so that you still have all of the blood and gore and gator poop while also spending some extra time with our hero and his receding hairline.”



Friday The 13th Part III: Nostromo Edit by nostromo777

“No more funky, out of place disco music during the opening and closing credits. All new opening credits that are more consistent with the franchise… This version tries to de-emphasize all the aspects of the 3D experience.”



The Haunting: The Psychological Cut by The Scribbling Man

“Building on ‘The Implicit Cut’ as a foundation, this new cut makes various changes in order to accommodate the possibility that ‘The Haunting’ is all in Eleanor’s mind. Changes include a new opening and ending, tweaked dialogue and a narrative structure that never leaves Eleanor’s side. This edit can be viewed both with or without internal monologue.”



War Horse: Out of the Trenches by TM2YC

“This isn’t a heavy edit, it’s mostly a restructure… The more I’ve watched ‘War Horse’ the more I’ve loved it but I’ve always thought and still think, that it was a bad decision to not quite tell the film from just Joey’s perspective. So I wanted a cut that fully embraced that idea, never cutting back to see what Albert is up to because he is just one of Joey’s owners, although the most important one.”



Far and Away: 30th Anniversary Extended Cut by Croweyes1121

“A restoration of the 170-minute extended cut of the film, shown on ABC over two nights in 1996.”


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