Week of March 26, 2023 – New Fanedits

Two new edits this week:



The Clone Wars: Refocused by EddieDean

“THE CLONE WARS: REFOCUSED presents the entire Clone Wars as a complete series of five seasons of about ten TV-length episodes each. Now structured and presented with the conventions of a more mature modern TV drama… Episodes have been refined, refocused, reordered and recontextualised to maximise story quality and viewer enjoyment, both for the show’s own complete end-to-end story, and for those seeking a supplement or introduction to new canon like the Mandalorian, Bad Batch, and wider Filoniverse.”



Sonic The Hedgehog: Gotta Go Fast Cut by Urban Monitor

“This edit was primarily aimed at getting rid of most of the “Careyims,” as I call Jim Carrey’s overacting. If you pay attention, Robotnik has a more malevolent and sinister side in the script that was buried because of Jim Carrey’s over the top persona. Robotnik is now more sinister, most of the film’s songs have been replaced, and various sound effects from the classic Sega games have been used.”


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