Week of March 19th, 2023 – New Fanedits

6 new edits this week:



Ben 10: Ultimate Alien – Eon Returns by Revan100

“Eon Returns is an edit of the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode: Ben 10,000 Returns that keeps Ben’s future unknown by making the Ben 10,000 featured in the episode into another alternate future version of Ben, while also providing small hints to Eon’s identity earlier in the episode.”



Superman All-Star by angusburger22

“Superman decides to remove all nuclear weapons from the earth, for the sake of world peace. His actions, however, kickstart a chain of events that may leave the world in pieces!”



Live And Let Die: You Know My Name by lapis molari

“Live and Let Die, the Goldilocks version: tempo is dialed up (no more looking at your watch during the boat race), jokes and stupidity are dialed down, Bondgirls are less bumbling, sheriff is mostly removed, and nobody pops like a balloon.”



The Menu: An Arbitrary Course by Bobson Dugnutt

“A young couple travels to a remote island to eat at an exclusive restaurant where the chef has prepared a lavish menu, with some shocking surprises. Three deleted scenes, with some new setups in the first act, and four minutes of new footage has been reintegrated into the film.”



Interstellar: The Demise by DonkeyKonga

“I watched Interstellar and wondered if the movie could be done without the time travel aspect where one man saves the world by becoming a poltergeist. So that’s exactly what I did. Painstakingly.”



Scream: Director’s Cut (1996) by kidjupiter92

“Being a fan of the franchise since my youth, and greatly excited by the release of Scream VI, I found myself outlining several Scream related projects I wanted to pursue over the course of this year, and the first one on my list was restoring Wes Craven’s original cut of the first film to the best of my abilities. The Director’s Cut of Scream has only ever been available on a very few releases, all of which were SD: laserdisc, VHS, and DVD.”


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