Week of July 19th, 2020 – New Fanedits

Three new edits this week:

[Image: dw-caves-front-55-1595158955.jpg]
Doctor Who – The Caves of Androzani: The Movie Edit by LastSurvivor

The intention here though, is not to trim lots of footage. It’s to present a movie style edit which can be enjoyed in one sitting without the need for cliffhangers and the 25 minute style episodic end and beginning credits. Plus, this has been transformed from 4:3 ratio (standard TV for that period) to 1:85:1 ration widescreen. I have attempted this as carefully as possible, going through every scene to try and ensure this looks as good as possible.

[Image: startrek-traps-front-9-1595159114.jpg]
Star Trek: It Traps Us All by The Warlord
This edit combines Classic Trek’s ‘The Tholian Web’ and ‘Day of the Dove’ into one extended episode.

[Image: krueger-front-73-1595159271.jpg]
Krueger by youngy94

[Intention:] To remove all the silly humor and remove all the unnecessary dialogue to improve the flow of the movie. I’m also going to try and do what was orignally mean’t to happen with Krueger being innocent which makes his motive for killing even stronger as he is now out for revenge for being accused of a crime he never commited.

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