Week of January 29th, 2023 – New Fanedits

6 new edits this week:



See – Chapter Two: The Lavender Road by Spence

“This is Chapter Two of my ongoing fanedit series of See, covering the events of the second half of Season 1. See is a criminally underseen AppleTV series, one of the more interesting and fleshed out science fiction stories I’ve seen recently.”



Mortal Engines: Mature Cut by ParanoidAndroid

“Cut out what I felt to be some childish moments and unneeded exposition, hopefully helping those who have a soft spot for this ambitious flop enjoy it a little more.”



Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedit (by catferoze) by catferoze

“A light edit of The Last Jedi removing a few quips, adding a couple deleted scenes, and shortening Finn & Rose’s codebreaker mission.”



Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker (by catferoze) by catferoze

“A lighter edit of The Rise of Skywalker removing a few quips, poorly thought out narrative elements (lightspeed skipping, knife compass), while adding a few extended shots to slow the frenetic pacing of the film a bit.”



Justice League: Rise of the Motherboxes by Wakeupkeo

“A mainly ZSJL restructured edit that lets the story unfold more naturally, that tightens up ZSJL and adds as much of the best parts of JWJL. More of JWJL Diana struggling with leadership,”



The Phantom Strikes! HD Redux by Bionic Bob and DigModiFicaTion

“The Phantom, the Ghost Who Walks, must stop the demented Xander Drax from obtaining the mystical Skulls of Touganda. If obtained Drax would cintia no the power to rule the world.”


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