Week of February 26th, 2023 – New Fanedits

7 new edits this week:



Mr White Part II: Phoenix by It’sOnRandom

“After Walter and Jesse’s frightening encounter with Tuco Salamanca, they plan a way to murder him before it’s too late. Little do they know they have an even more intense future ahead of them.”



Aliens Revisited by kidjupiter92

“After coming across two edits of Aliens that greatly renewed my interest in the film, I decided to create a cut of the film that would check all of the boxes for me when it came to a version of the film that would be perfect for me. I present that very cut to you all as “Aliens Revisited”.”



The Defenders: Cut To The Chaste by HenzINNIT

“Originally released as an 8 part mini-series on Netflix, The Defenders was met with a lukewarm reception from fans and critics. This edit is a fairly straight-forward but thorough reduction to make this Marvel TV crossover faster paced and more exciting.”



Groundhog Day: Long Winter Edition by Bobson Dugnutt

“The Long Winter Edition reintegrates 5 deleted scenes, and 5 more minutes of footage, into the Bill Murray holiday classic!”



Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – Midnight Angel Edition by Bobson Dugnutt

“The Midnight Angel Edition reintegrates 4 new deleted scenes, and 10 more minutes of footage, as well as restructuring the ending of the film for a more fluid finale, with the mid-credits now being attached to the rest of the film.”



Ant-Man and the Wasp: Ghost in the Machine by Bobson Dugnutt

“This edit aims to trim up a lot of ill-timed and poorly elongated jokes, adding back deleted material from the blu-ray, outtakes, trailers and TV spots, while also restoring an alternate opening with a mission in 1987, with a young Ant-Man and the Wasp.”



The Amazing Spider-Man: Part 2 by lantern51

“This is vastly different than the original cut. We have a new opening to recap the ending of Part 1 and a subsequent scene not seen in Part 1. The tone is less cartoonish and more balanced. There is a lot of new music and deleted material used to flesh out the movie. Much like Part 1 this has the focus on Peter and Gwen’s relationship without all the other distractions.”


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