Week of February 19th, 2023 – New Fanedits

8 new edits this week:



Titanic: Jack & Rose by krausfadr

“This edit focuses on the events of 1912, keeps Rose’s narration, and uses the full IMAX aspect ratio throughout. Modern scenes/characters are reduced to an absolute bare minimum. This cut also incorporates limited deleted/extended scenes but only those which further character development of Rose, Jack, and Fabrizio (or otherwise gives better dramatic impact to their scenes).”



Red Dragon: Definitive Cut by krausfadr

“This cut rearranges the scene order to tell a thought provoking, subtle, compelling story. The result is more of a slow burn– with gradually escalating conflict (and a little less Hannibal).”



Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Arc Edition by catferoze

“Episodes from the 25 best arcs (+2 standalone episodes) are combined to create 27 longer episodes (~40-60m) each presenting a complete, streamlined story without redundant, uninteresting side quests, goofy villains, or childish humor.”



Jackass and a Half by gleem

“The Jackasses discuss the creation of the groundbreaking Jackass: The Movie along with showing deleted scenes and more!”



Jackass 3D Extended: More Grotesque, More Spectacle by 3GoldBalls

“Combining Jackass 3D and 3.5 as well as all the special features contained in the blu-rays to make a over 2 hour version of the movie to my liking. Also, with new credits and slightly altered material.”



Back To The Future: The 2+3=1 Edit) by lossy

“A combined and streamlined version of Back To The Future 2 and 3 – combining them into one movie as originally planned by Gale/Zemeckis.”



Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Siege of Mandalore by bbghost

“Just another ‘Siege of Mandalore’ feature fanedit, cut to my personal tastes, with no changes other than transitions between episodes and a title card for Part II.”



Solo: The Shortcut by bbghost

“A reserved fanedit that shows just how much fun you can have when you’re not stopping for a quip or applause shot every five seconds.”


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