Week of August 2nd, 2020 – New Fanedits

2 new edits for you this week:


[Image: b5-riverofsouls-front-60-1596390445.jpg]
Babylon 5: River of Souls 5.21B by lapis molari

The goal is to cut the cheap laughs, tighten the pacing, and replace the funky closing music with Season 5’s closing theme.
Only 3 minutes are cut, but the improved focus and pacing give the feeling that more was cut.

[Image: scarface-maniac-front-18-1596390417.jpg]
Maniac: A Scarface Edit by SonofSinbad

This edit of Scarface is more of an action movie type film differing from the original film majorly. In this edit i also remove one of the main characters in this film which is Elvira played by Michelle Pfeiffer

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