Week of April 16th, 2023 – New Fanedits

7 new edits this week:



Justice League: The Animated Series – Redux by ThePotatoParadox

“A very straightforward edit in which the series’ multipart episodes are combined to create 40 minute episodes and three 60 minute episodes. By during this, we skip over closing and ending credits and jump straight into continuing the story.”



Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm – Noir by ThePotatoParadox

“This is a very simple edit that turns my favorite animated film into black and white, presented in 1:33:1 aspect ratio. Additionally, the Animated Series outro music and a track from the film has replaced the end credits song.”



Good Luck, Jack! by ThePotatoParadox

“A young, easy-going gunman worships and competes with an old gunfighter who only wants to retire.”



Double Indemnity: The Implicit Cut by The Scribbling Man

“For my next act of film blasphemy, noir classic Double Indemnity is stripped of its iconic narration and given a linear chronology. This is not intended as a fan-fix per se, but as an experiment in seeing how the film functions when its main storytelling device is removed and limited to an implicit visual narrative, rather than an explicit voice-over. In addition, moving the opening scene to the end allows for a little more mystery as to exactly how things play out.”



Halloween Revisited: The Final Cut (1978) by kidjupiter92

“John Carpenter’s Halloween Revisited: The Final Cut is the second part of a planned four-part fanedit series focusing on the storyline established in the recent H40 timeline, starting with Halloween 2018. This project presents a “canon” compliant, alternate extended version that lines up not only with the edits of this series but also most of the known continuities of the franchise: whether it is the H40 timeline, H20 timeline, or original timeline.”



Lord of the Rings Miniseries: The Fellowship of the Ring by almightycutie

“My goal was to make a miniseries edit that didn’t simply feel like a chopped up version of the movies. Overall this worked surprisingly well without too much editing, though the Return of the King had to have some extra reordering of scenes to make it work.”



Halloween: Evil Dies Tonight by Speems

“…a merge cut aiming to combine Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends into one viewing experience.”


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