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I watched the original Waterworld when it first came out and was thoroughly under impressed. It dragged sooo long and Kevin Costner was damned near un-rootable for. It was so long and plodding that I almost wanted him to die hoping another member of the cast could finish up the movie in some odd twist that just couldn't be any worse than what they were making Costner do.

This movie shows WHAT SHOULD HAVE BE RELEASED TO THEATERS! Why have studios made completely competent directors cut, edit, and damn near destroy their best work. Legend, the new Fantastic Four (2015), Age of Ultron, and Dune are just some that come to mind, and you have to wonder how many other times it has happened but it wasn't blasted all over the internet that it happened.

Thank you for this edit. Myself and my whole family (INCLUDING 3 PRETEENS) all enjoyed it.

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