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i am a huge fan of watchmen.
i first read the graphic novel at school and then did a 2000 word essay on it.
when i saw that they had finally made a movie after years of problems.
i had to go see it, i saw the directors cut and loved it, it was not a perfect scene for page of the graphic novel, but was a lot closer than a lot of other movies based on a graphic novels.
i had been looking at this edit for a long time, when i saw a version 2 and what had been changed from version 1 i had to see it.
im glad i did i love this edit it was perfect, the songs i hated are all changed and replaced perfectly, i love the changes to bring it closer to the graphic novel and they all worked in seamlessly.
its amazing just how close Zack was from making a perfect movie.
i will still watch my directors cut and this fanedit as they are just so good.
thank you so much Flixcapacitor for this awesome edit and i 100% recommend this edit to any one who liked the original cut.

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