Watchmen: Death of a Comedian

Watchmen: Death of a Comedian
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Brief Synopsis:
I wanted to create a comic book element and pick up the pace a bit. Color and B&W will be available.
Always wanted to see this movie as a anime type movie. Kinda like A Scanner Darkly picture effect. Something different....I went with two versions of this film...Color and B&W.
Other Sources:
- The Clash "Death or Glory" and "Lost in the Supermarket"
- Disturbed "Sounds of Silence"
Release Information:
Editing Details:
- Ripbot
- Sony Vegas
- Boris FX Plug-ins
Cuts and Additions:
- Added DC Comics Logo to intro
- Added new text credits
- Removed entire opening credits montage
- Added comic book caption boxes throughout the film
- Removed every animated sequence that was inserted in the Ultimate Edition
- Removed scene between Dr. Manhattan and Laurie with flashbacks of her past after Rorschach visits
- Removed Simon and Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence" during burial scene
- Added Disturbed's version of "Sounds of Silence" throughout burial scene and Dr. Manhattan's Vietnam flashback
- Removed scene of Laurie vomiting and talking with her mother
- Removed Dr. Manhattan's flashback of the Comedian killing Vietnamese girl
- Removed Dan's dream
- Removed Scene where the gang finds out where Hollis Mason lives
- Removed scene when Hollis Mason and Silk Spectre are talking on the phone and when he is beaten to death
- Cut out when Nite Owl II sees news of Hollis Mason and beats the gang member up
- Removed Laurie and Dr. Manhattan on mars with flashback revealing the Comedian was her father
- Removed ending scene of Dan and Laurie with her mother
- Added "Lost in the Supermarket" by The Clash during the city shot
- Added "Death or Glory" by The Clash for the end credits
- Added Custom credits

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