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Special Projects June 03, 2018 6169
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I reformatted this down to a .mkv, so I hope I didn't lose anything and I don't want to think it affects my review at all, but I'm throwing that out there to start. Also, having only had the Directors cut of the film and only seen that cut to date, I can't speak to how perfectly this restoration stacks up to the original theatrical cut, but I think the best review I can give it is that I largely couldn't tell what had been cut back into the movie and what was already there.

Most of the transitions are seemless if not close to it, and the movie has enough of it's own rough jump cuts that any extra fit right in. I notice a couple of moments of slight stuttering and a couple abrupt jumps which is why I didn't give it an outright 10 on visual editing/video quality, but otherwise this feels like an absolutely essential restoration that does nothing but improve upon the most widely available release.

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