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TMBTM has achieved something truly special here. Every second of this edit is endlessly interesting and wholly original. Never before have I seen anything like this, and it’s hard to believe I will ever see anything like this again. TMBTM has managed to take the films that we all by heart and make them feel new again. I was constantly asking myself “what next?” In a good way of course. Partly because I really had no idea at any given moment what would be changed, added, reworked, etc.; and because I kept wondering how TMBTM was able to make refreshingly new cuts in every scene.

Sure some of the audio/visual differences are jarring, but they are very easily overlooked. Honestly, my attention was on the story and the characters the whole time. Which are very different. Special note must go to the new music which greatly changes the tone of some scenes, and, well, it’s brilliant.

The new plot is insanely intriguing. And awesome. My favorite parts must be the opening, the cave sequence, the Vader/Emperor hologram conversation (the funniest part, I think), the hilarious fact that even though Boba Fett is extra bad-ass in this he still goes out like a punk, the sandstorm scene (perfect use of the War Horse soundtrack), and the killer ending (did NOT see that coming).

I was originally disappointed that this wouldn’t be a grindhouse edit, but my reservations were cast away fairly early. It might not be as fun as the first, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun, because it’s definitely fun. And really funny too. In the end, even though it’s not grindhouse, it still feels like a sequel to the War of the Stars.

In closing, I want to say it’s been a true pleasure to watch this edit (and I’m sure I’ll see it many more times to come). Thank you The Man Behind the Mask. You have given us the greatest fan edit of all time. Because of that, I give THE WAR OF THE STARS PART II 10/10.

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