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Boy, did TMBTM give Empire a wedgie. . . in a good way. This edit has so much fresh on it, it deserves a bootyload of notoriety.

One of the things I really like about this funkily creative film is that the future truly is in motion, that Luke's prescience is approximate. Another: Yoda the OG simply owns his entrance.

And every scene that's delightfully altered created anticipation for more, to the point that when I came across scenes that were largely unchanged, I felt twinges of disappointment. Laissez le bon temps rouler. But don't cry for me, Argentina—I still had a grand ol' time watching this.

In the second half, a few parts were a bit slow. Some of R2's lines were amusing, but as with the first WotS, there were unutilized opportunities for subtitled humor, as R2 often uttered "straight" dialogue (e.g., commenting on obvious points) or was not subtitled at all. But again, mere nitpicks.

Imagine you go on a camping trip in some place with pterodactyls and weeks later come back barely alive to find everything a little bit different—your favorite breakfast cereal, your teacher's haircut and gender, and that light saber movie that's better than a girl because when you love it, it loves you back (this is waayyy before you lose your virginity, duh). That alternate universe contains this version of The Empire Strikes Back. And certainly a Lucas-TMBTM hybrid being, maybe with two heads.

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