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FanMix July 07, 2012 5518
(Updated: September 05, 2012)
May 4, 2012 @ 2:38 pm


Id like to give it 10 stars, but… i did!

why cant someone put electric guitars in a star wars movie??

Well i like it, and ***SPOILER*** i loved the model x-fighter addition! (is that right? looks like the hasbro toy version anyway)

Pretty much like most other people have been saying its like a mainstream sequel after making a low budget independant film for the first one.

The added special effects are awesome and helped to blend Jedi and empire scenes together well, this film has its own style which i like and typically emulates the bigger budget sequel – gone wrong! I like this cos it adds character to the movie.

I’ve watched this a few times now and will be wanting to watch it again tonight!

10/10 (thanks for sharing this with us!)
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