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Shorts August 16, 2012 2591
(Updated: September 25, 2012)
ku7uk - dec 28 2009

This short started amazingly, and the blend between Wall-E and Final fantasy was superb. The editing was flawless and I was immediately taken into the world of the editor. However, being a fan of both films, it was difficult to get past the lack of an ending. You want it to go somewhere but just doesn't. I know the editor only had so much footage to work with, but maybe he could have stuck the Titan AE opening on the end and blew up the planet just to finish things off?

But in the end, this is what I believe fan-editing is about. Taking two completely different stories and integrating them together to create a whole new story. That is its strength and for that reason, this is the short that takes top marks at successfully completing the main goal.
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