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(Updated: September 05, 2012)
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July 26, 2007 @ 1:04 pm

perfectly executed. I think I spotted one rough cut, soon after his father comes down the stairway with the gun, besides that, all cuts are clean, audio transitions are great, image quality is also.
Those 18 minutes are not missed at all, the story flows, no plot holes, nothing too important left out.
image quality: 5 of 5
audio quality: 5 of 5
editing: 5 of 5

a perfect editing job for that case 5 of 5.

Entertainment and improvement:
Well, there we are on a different paper. The original was a long no-brainer and this is a much shorter no-brainer, so this is far more entertaining than the original movie, but still it isn’t much. The first 20 minutes are good, fast paced, kind of believable, but then it all gets over the top, which is a pity. I am not sure this could have been made any better, but the movie still is not a good one.

improvement: 5 of 5
overall entertainment: 3 of 5 (first half 4 of 5, last half 2 of 5)

my overall result is a 4 of 5 which is A LOT for this movie, because it still is far from being a good one for me.

If you liek no-brain action movies this is a good one to relax and enjoy. Don’t ask question, don’t ask for logic, just enjoy the show and see the bad boys get a hell of a beating up.
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