Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye, The

Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye, The

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Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye, The
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Witness the Beginning of the End.
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The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye' takes Season 1 of The Walking Dead and condenses the story down into a 2 and a half hour film, trimming down the filler and speeding up the pace of the story.
The aim of this fanedit was to create a feature length movie from Season 1 of The Walking Dead, using the comic as a template. The story will only stray elsewhere if it is essential to the evolution of certain characters, or if otherwise important to later events. It is the first in a possible series of films focused on Rick's journey. As Season 1 is (loosely) based on the first chapter of the comic (Days Gone Bye), I thought it would be an appropriate title for the film as a whole; the group have to come to terms with the end of their old world.
Other Sources:
Take Us Back by Alela Diane
Special Thanks:
TM2YC for previewing and approving.
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Editing Details:
I wanted to create an edit that was a hybrid of what happens in the comics, with additional sub-plots unique to the show added in. Essentially, I combined what worked best for my film. I edited the Blu-ray version of The Walking Dead Season 1 (episodes 1-6), using Adobe Premiere Pro. Opening credits created using Adobe Photoshop, and end credits created using Final Cut Pro.

The important changes I made regarding relevant characters are as follows:

- Rick: The film will mostly be from Rick's point of view. I wanted to keep the story focused on him, so the majority of the campsite scenes are cut. Rick's family aren't mentioned or seen before he reunites with them, to create mystery.
- Shane: I decided not to delve to deep into Shane's dark side, as it is not fully resolved in the first season. I wanted to portray him as a more sincere character at first, which why I chose to include the hospital flashback scene as the movie intro; this way, we know Shane's motive is genuine and it shows how much he cares for his friend.
- Lori: As most of the camp scenes are either cut entirely, or trimmed down, we do not see Lori often, unless she is with Rick, or if the scene is important to the plot. The love affair with Shane isn't revealed until the 'frogs' scene, although it is subtly hinted to. I also reduced her protests, so she seems more supportive of Rick's decisions.
- Andrea: I reduced Andrea's scenes, especially her moments of pessimism and general uselessness, in an attempt to mimic the Andrea of the comics. I wanted Andrea to come off stronger and more capable. This way, her decision to stay behind in the end will be somewhat more of a shock.
- Glenn: As opposed to making a lot of changes, many of Glenn's lines and scenes are kept in, as I think his humour is a perfect representation of Glenn in the comics. I removed all scenes involving the red car, just to keep up the pace. I decided to keep the Vatos gang/Glenn's kidnapping in, to show Rick's evolution into becoming a leader, and Daryl getting more involved.
- Carol: Although only a supporting character, Carol's progression into becoming a stronger person is important to her role. Therefore, I decided to keep in the majority of scenes involving Carol and Ed's relationship, for reference later on in her life.
- Jim: I decided that Jim's story was stretched out a little too long, and felt like filler. So, I chose to cut the whole 'digging' sub-plot. Jim now appears throughout, but doesn't become an active member of the group until the camp attack.
- Merle: I trimmed down a lot of Merle's dialogue and scenes. The last time we see him is now when Rick and the others first leave Atlanta, as opposed to a few days later.
- Jenner: I trimmed his dialogue and removed Vi, so as to show that he is more isolated. We do not see him until the group enters the CDC building, and his intro scene is more tense and suspenseful.
- Morgan: Morgan's dialogue has been trimmed in a way so that he comes across wary, yet more trusting and friendly. This is more in keeping with the comic version of Morgan. His wife is removed entirely, as is he whole radio contact sub-plot. We do not see Morgan or Duane again after leaving the police station, just like in the comic.
- Leon Basset: Although not an essential character, I chose to keep the scene where Rick shoots re-animated Leon, to show Rick's first reaction to seeing someone he knows as a walker.
Cuts and Additions:
- Moved Production Company logos to the beginning.
- Moved full 'Hospital Flashback' scene with Shane to the intro.
- Added NEW Opening credits.
- Removed Girl Summer/little girl walker scene.
- Trimmed scene with Shane and Rick in the car; removed dialogue about Rick's marriage.
- Trimmed journey to car chase/pursuit and shortened crossfire scene. Rick gets shot and cuts to hospital.
- Removed Shane's visitation scene.
- Trimmed hospital scene.
- Removed audio and trimmed Rick's return home. 'Rick's Despair' by Bear McCreary is played over scene.
- The shovel scene outside Rick's house is trimmed. He now passes out immediately after being struck.
- Trimmed all scenes within Morgan's house; removed nighttime scene. Duane's dialogue mostly cut. Morgan comes across less aggressive. Removed subplot about Morgan's wife.
- Trimmed baseball walker kill.
- Cut return to Rick's house scene; we just see Rick take his keys.
- Removed shower scene.
- Trimmed dialogue between Morgan and Rick outside Police Station. Removed exchange of radio and further contact plans and mention of Rick's family.
- Removed Morgan and Duane in house/Rifle shooting.
- Added unedited original opening scene/Little girl walker scene.
- Cut camp response scene when Rick is attempting to make contact on police car radio.
- Removed scene at camp with Lori and Shane's kiss.
- Trimmed Farmhouse/finding horse scene. Rick does not see or search the car.
- Trimmed entering Atlanta scene.
- Cut entire Tank scene and dialogue with Glenn. Rick now falls off his horse and immediately runs into Glenn, as if by accident.
- Removed Shane and Lori sex scene.
- Trimmed rooftop dialogue and traversal.
- Trimmed introduction to Atlanta survivors. Andrea no longer holds a gun to Rick. There is no talk of a refugee centre.
- Ascension to roof and Merle's shooting/fight scene trimmed. Merle doesn't spit on T-Dog. Removed Rick saying who it is he is looking for.
- Removed following rooftop scene.
- Removed entire sewer scene.
- Removed Andrea and Rick in the store/Necklace scene.
- Removed T-Dog and Merle's conversation on the roof.
- Trimmed rooftop idea swapping for distracting the walkers.
- Removed dialogue about the dead walker/wallet scene.
- Heavily trimmed the walker dismemberment/guts scene.
- Removed Campsite survivors receiving T-Dog's message.
- Trimmed Rick and Glenn's escape from walkers.
- Removed Glenn using the red car to distract the walkers. It now seems like Glenn never left the van.
- Removed Merle's solo rooftop scene.
- Heavily trimmed return to Campsite/Reunion scene. We do not see Shane until Rick does. Trimmed embrace. Lori no longer looks to Shane in shock.
- Heavily trimmed campfire scenes. Removed Ed and Shane's dispute.
- Trimmed Rick and Lori and in tent. They do not start to have sex. Removed Shane on RV roof.
- Trimmed morning scene. Rick doesn't speak to Glenn about the red car.
- Trimmed deer walker killing (It takes way too long).
- Trimmed Daryl finding out about Merle. Rick no longer repeats what we've already seen.
- Trimmed preparations for the return to Atlanta. Lori now seems to give in to Rick. Jim's dialogue is cut. There is no mention of Morgan.
- Removed tent scene with Lori and Carl.
- Removed Frog-hunting and fence-cutting scenes.
- Trimmed dialogue of the women washing clothes.
- Removed quarry fishing/Jim digging scenes.
- Trimmed rooftop scene. We do not see Daryl bag Merle's hand.
- Removed all scenes of the camp while Rick is at Atlanta, with the exception of Ed in the tent.
- Trimmed scene where Rick prepares to fight the 'Vatos'. He doesn't talk about Glenn saving his life in the Tank.
- Trimmed Nursing Home scene. There is no joke about Glenn being eaten by dogs.
- Removed scene with Andrea looking for wrapping paper.
- Heavily trimmed the campfire dinner scene. Removed all talk about Dale's watch.
- Trimmed aftermath of camp attack. Jim does not speak.
- Removed Rick's attempt to contact Morgan via radio.
- Trimmed Lori and Rick's dialogue with Andrea. She doesn't talk about the gun safety.
- Trimmed the scene with Dale and Andrea. There is no mention of Amy's birthday or Andrea's guilt. Andrea does not put the necklace on Amy.
- Trimmed the resurrection and death of walker Amy. Andrea doesn't talk about 'more time'.
- Trimmed the digging of the burial graves dialogue.
- Removed Jim's traumatic hallucinations.
- Removed Rick and Lori's post funeral dialogue.
- Removed Jim and Rick's scene in the RV.
- Removed Shane and Lori's scene outside the RV.
- Removed the hunting scene/Shane's meltdown.
- Removed Rick's message to Morgan about leaving for the CDC.
- Trimmed camp departure. We do not see the red car and message to Morgan.
- Removed RV overheating problems and Jim's request to Rick.
- Trimmed Jim's farewell scene. Only Shane Rick and Jacqui speak to Jim.
- Entirely removed Jenner's introduction scene/video log. We do not see him until Rick does.
- Trimmed approach to CDC. Dialogue is shortened and Jenner's perspective is removed.
- Trimmed dialogue significantly upon the group's entry/Jenner meeting scene. It is a more suspenseful situation.
- Removed elevator scene and hallway approach. Vi is removed entirely.
- Trimmed housing corridor scene. Shower scenes and Andrea's despair removed.
- Living area/bookshelf scene trimmed. Carol, Sophia and Carl are removed entirely.
- Trimmed dialogue in the TS-19 scene. Andrea's loss is not spoken of. TS-19 is not shot, nor is Jenner hassled by Andrea.
- Trimmed basement/generator scene. Intercut with Lori and the air conditioning scene, Jenner is not shown with a photograph, or seen crying.
- Trimmed control room scene. Jenner does not speak about the French or Fossil fuels. Daryl does not attempt to attack Jenner twice. Andrea does not argue that there is no hope.
- Trimmed escape scene/Andrea and Dale. The focus is placed more on Andrea and Dale, with the others' struggle intercut. There is no dialogue about Carol having found the grenade.
- Replaced outro/credits music with 'Take Us Back' by Alela Diane.
- Added NEW scrolling End Credits (including giving myself editing credit!). The Walking Dead score 'Quarry Fishing' by Bear McCreary added to end of credits.
Cover art by AD_Phoenix (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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If u have the time and the source your in for a hell of a treat this edit is a lot faster pacing there is a few abrupt cuts but there more nit picks. The opening he has recreated is extraordinary. I am mostly surprised at how well he has cut out credits at the start of each episode. The way he mixed around the scenes to make it in chronological order is better than expected and the real thing that I loved was the voice over of dale at the ending where he is saying he doesn't want to face all that which makes him decide to stay in my opinion that's better than the original show. Just reviewing this edit makes me want to watch this again. I think the thing that makes this so much more better is because recently I have rewatched the first season because I'm such a huge fan but even if I wasn't a fan I'd probably still love this edit. All In all this edit is amazing and if there was ever FEOTY (Fan Edit Of The Year) this would be in it.

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(Updated: May 05, 2017)
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This is the best example of a TV-Movie Fanedit I've seen from this site so far. A lot of these types of fanedits struggle with adapting a long form television show into a simple self-contained story with a 3-act structure. Which is only fair, adaptation is difficult. AD_Phoenix has made it look easy.

Being in the Televisual renaissance that we are, writers have realised that they can use long-form story telling to slowly develop characters and to tell an expansive narrative. The Walking Dead, despite being a part of the initial renaissance, never quite found its footing on this. Many characters were very poorly developed: Shane's arc in The Walking Dead TV show looks less like a slope and more like a side-on view of the Himalayas, and Andrea might possibly be the most inconsistently written character on television. And I like both of those characters. As for an expansive narrative? AMC forcing Darabont to half the budget and double the season length sure put a pin in any hopes of that.

This film eliminates both of those problems by condensing it into what I think The Walking Dead should have been. A movie series directed by Frank Darabont (Dir. The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Mist)

The characters now follow a clear arc throughout the time frame of the film. It begins with Shane desperately trying to save Rick. He shows a mixture of shock, delight and fear at Rick's appearance. Then Lori shuts him down, in a fit of rage he goes overboard beating Ed and threatens his life (The first time we've seen him like this). This slow development, minus a scene of Shane fantasizing about killing Rick, and we are all the more shocked when he tries to rape Lori (Whose relationship is only hinted at) and when he flips out in the computer room forcing Rick, for the first time, to physically confront his best friend. This. Is. Fucking. Perfect. This is exactly how Shane's character should have developed, but instead they made his character so whacked out from the start that what happens at the end of season 2 was obviously inevitable.

As for Andrea. Say goodbye to her bipolar character. One that demands to be taken seriously, yet is constantly screwing up, freaking out or being generally incompetent. That strips away leaves someone that takes themselves seriously and isn't afraid to stand up to people. So when her sister dies and she's distraught, it's much more internal, hence why she says nothing to anyone about staying in the CDC, she just does. Why she says nothing to anyone until Dale consoles her. Her and Dale's relationship to shines through here. These two actors are Darabont regulars, so have the chemistry and acting chops to pull it off. We don't get one of the worst written scenes on the show between her and Amy, just to telegraph that one of them is going to die. Andrea cares about Amy, and that's what matters. Her relationship with her sister never developed in the show, whereas her relationship with Dale did, thus why it should be given more screen time.

The other main characters are mostly the same as their characterization wasn't truly awful in the first season. Also Lori isn't constantly shooting off mixed messages which is nice.

The main theme of this film is clearly family. Rick wanted to find his and did. Shane felt like he lost his own family when Rick returned. Andrea loses a sister but gains a father. Etcetera.
By really focusing on certain personal moments, the film develops a feeling of closeness between the characters that the movie never did. I never thought at any point whilst watching the show that Jacqui had any personal relationship with Jim until he got bitten, but as that's the focus of their interaction here, we see a connection between them. Hence his acceptance of death resonates with her at the climax.

There are a few cuts and minor details in the current version (as of may 2017) that still need to be ironed out. For example: the new title sequence, while cool, goes on slightly too long meaning the music is noticeably repeated; there is a discrepancy of shots during the inter-cutting in the finale that is quite noticeable; in Atlanta every single gun shot sounds the same regardless of the setting or what fired it. Also, the grenade is now not set up at all. If possible, it'd be cool to composite the grenade into the shot of Rick clearing out the police station armory.

Otherwise the editing is relatively flawless. Entire scenes, sequences and lines of dialogue being lifted go by completely unnoticed. This will be important for the second film, that has to work with a tv season twice as long yet with half the plot.

The fade to black and white at the end is an artistic decision that some may not be keen on. However I liked how it looked so much, I have converted the whole film into black and white. It feels just like watching the classic Night of the Living Dead, especially during the quiet scenes of Rick by himself in the first act.

These are really all that is holding this cut back from being "perfect" in a sense of what it is trying to accomplish.

This isn't just good as a fan edit, this is good as a film. Which is always a good sign for TV-movie edits. I look forward to the future of AD_Phoneix's adaptation of The Walking Dead.

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This Movie is Good so watch it

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