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TV-to-Movie August 15, 2012 1699
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A well made edit, but one that for my tastes has the same problem I find with the unedited show: with the exception of the season finale, the episodes are for the most part all chatter until at the end something exciting finally happens to get you to watch the next episode, which of course will repeat the same structure. The edit still has that episodic feel all through, despite having removed quite a few scenes that are not missed at all. Still, I find that more could have been trimmed for pacing, particularly in the camp segment and also the Latin gang: when their true nature is revealed, the fact that they pulled the gang card the way they did feels contrived, so cutting their "thugness" back might have worked.

Editing was for the most part well done, except for a couple fast dissolves that I felt could have worked better as straight cuts, such as after Rick's farewell to Morgan and son. The only odd thing audio-wise were a couple moments that had music start playing just to be ended after a few seconds (check the end of the Shane hospital flashback). It's properly crossfaded and doesn't feel abrupt or anything, but it feels like it shouldn't be there. A few seconds of audio replacement and recreated foley would have been preferable.

Thechnically, apart from the glitch that has already been mentioned, I noticed a couple of strange flash frames around the 2h10m30s mark (the corpse burning scene). I say strange because they don't come from removed shots, but from what appear to be removed parts of shots that stay.

As I say, a good edit but one that I think will appeal mainly to those who are already fans of the show, while I don't know if it will make many converts.
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