Visions & Brundlefly: A David Cronenberg Double Feature

Visions & Brundlefly: A David Cronenberg Double Feature
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My First Double Feature of director David Cronenberg.
Cut to 65-75 minutes to create a faster story and a double feature with it.
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Cuts and Additions:

- Alternative opening (begins in 1988 with the preparation of killing Stillson)
- Smith in classroom and walking in school is cut
- The accident of Smith is trimmed
- Some dialogue with dr Sam Weizak is trimmed
- Sarah visiting John is trimmed
- Sarah visiting John is his Father's house is cut
- The scenes before helping Sheriff Bannerman is cut
- Helping Bannerman is trimmed
- Weizak visiting John is cut
- Meeting the father of the boy Chris is cut
- Some dialogue with the father is trimmed
- Meeting Stillson in the father's house is cut. (John Smith meets Stillson is this cut for the first time in front of his house)
- Credits are cut (new credits)


- Dialogue between Brundle and Veronica is trimmed
- Driving to Brundle's place is trimmed
- Playing the piano is cut
- After the test with the stocking (trimmed) the dialogue is cut
- The relationship and dialogue between Veronica and Statish Borans is for the most parts trimmed in this cut
- Wearing the same clothes scene is cut
- Buying clothes for Brundle is cut
- Scene in cafe is cut
- The scene with Brundle and the fly in the telepod is trimmed. (Dialogue before that)
- Walking to cafe and taking back the hooker is trimmed
- The nightmare scene is hospital is trimmed
- Visiting doctor for abortion is trimmed
- Credits are cut - new credits
- Added scene: The baboon sequence

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